FUORI E-VENTO, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, New York, USA

Opening: 03.06.2023

16.02.2023 - 23.02.2023

Interferences - Exhibition by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery

Exhibition by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

Curated by Matilde Della Pina art curator

Opening: 16.02.2023 16:00

01.10.2022 - 08.10.2022

AQUA - 18° Contemporary Day AMACI

18° Contemporary Day AMACI

Curated by Rossocinabro

Opening: 20.05.2022 18:00

Rossocinabro in collaboration with Il Leone Art Gallery present for the event:

Title: AQUA
Exhibition date: 1st - 8th October
Venue: Rossocinabro Roma, Via Raffaele Cadorna 28
Meeting the artists: Saturday, 8 October 5 – 7 PM

In mostra: Krisztina Arláth, Axel Becker, André Colinet, Decheng Cui, Aleksandra de Pan, Lord Nicolaus Dinter, Eivor Ewalds, Lo Fehrling, Heide Fennert, g.f., Katarzyna Gołębiowska, Martha Madrigal, Sharlene Mclearon, Christina Mitterhuber, Moniqqques, Saether Morten, Anne Felicie Nickels, Nhora Ortiz, Kseniya Oudenot, Miya Ozaki, Lilly Russo, Katia Seri

Contemporary Day, the great event organized annually by AMACI to bring the art to the general public will be held on Saturday, 8 October 2022.
Now in its eighteenth year, once again Day Contemporary will open the doors of 24 AMACI museums, along with about a thousand institutions throughout Italy and abroad to present artists and new ideas through exhibitions, workshops, events and conferences. This is a multiform programme that, year after year, has given the general public an opportunity to experience from up close the complex and lively world of contemporary art, making the event organized by AMACI the annual appointment that officially opens the art season in Italy.
The eighteenth edition will take place on the national territory on Saturday 8 October 2022.
Thanks to the diplomatic-consular network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, made up of Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes. Then there will be the involvement of the network of Contemporary Places promoted by the General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the MiC.

20.05.2022 - 30.06.2022


Organised by ApuliaAste of Epifanio Coppi
Curator and project manager Art Historian Carmela Loiacono

Opening: 20.05.2022 18:00

The exhibition is open until 30.06.2022 during the opening hours of the exhibition hall (Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-12.00 and 16:00-20:00, from Tuesday to Sunday)

Location: Spazio Opera, Piazza Duomo, 14 - 75100, Matera, Italia

Krisztina Arláth, Ungheria | Martino Bissacco, Italia | Vittorialessia Brunetti, Italia Tessa de Swart, Paesi Bassi | Cinzia De Vita, Italia | Vito Distante, Italy | Ferró, Spagna Masaki Hirokawa, Giappone | Hans Johansson, Svezia | Bice Perrini, Italia | Elvira Sirio, Italia Kristin Vollrath, Svizzera | Ling-Li Wang, Taiwan | Anna Weichselbaumee, Austria

24.05.2022 - 03.06.2022

THE TABLE IS SET - Valéria Sass and invited guests

THE TABLE IS SET - Valéria Sass and invited guests

Opening: 24.05.2022 18:00
Location: Parthenon-friz Hall, Budapest, Hungary

Abonyi Alma, Arláth Krisztina, Azúr Kinga, Bajgal Dölgön, Berkes Ádám Csanád, Bóka Krisztina, Brückner-Szaloki János, Burján Vanda, Cséffai Györgyi, Csukás Csenge, Fekete Zsuzsanna, Fillér Máté, Gyuk Krisztina, Hameseder Stefan, Hardi Ágnes, Hitter Magdolna, Karl Fruzsina, Kocsis Barbara, Koller Margit, Körei Sándor, Körösényi Tamás, Krausz Dániel Csaba, Leitner Levente, Majoros Lili Zsófia, Megyeri Barbara, Parizán Mihály, Sass Valéria, Sarfenstein Ditta, Sánta János Botond, Sipos Lilla Judit, Szabó Ádám Bálint, Szabó Hajnalka, Szabó Ottó, Szentpéteri Zsuzsanna, Szőke Péter, Tóth Balázs Máté, Tóth Márton Emil, Zsandár Zoé

18.05.2022 - 19.06.2022


Exhibition of the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Opening: 18.05.2022 19.00
Location: Budapest, Hungary


The great sturgeon (Huso huso, beluga) is an ancient species of fish native to the sea and rivers, which once swam up the Danube from the Black Sea to Pest or even the Austrian capital during the spawning season. Due to the regulation of the Danube - hydroelectric dams - this reproduction process is no longer a viable option for the waters of the Carpathian Basin. This means that the remaining population is forced to turn around and return to the sea prematurely (the most persistent individuals may, of course, pass through the navigation locks, driven by a strong instinct to reach the spawning grounds).
The robust image of the largest fish in fresh water is now largely a cultural memory, preserved in language and visual representation, such as the Vizafogó district in Újpest, museum reconstruction displays, or tourist posters for the Lake Tisza Ecocentre in Poroszló.
At first glance, the image of the great sturgeons in relation to the exhibition is a sprawling metaphor. It is the heraldic animal of the confined space within the art ecosystem. On the one hand, it demonstrates the difficulty of finding a common denominator in the search for consensus in an exhibition summarising autonomous artistic research. On the other hand, it is also puzzling how the reconciliation of parallel artistic practices, creative work, and research-based on this practical work is sometimes difficult for doctoral students to grasp, like slippery fish skin. At the same time, the impressive physical size of the sturgeon (the largest catch authenticated in Hungary in the mid-19th century weighed over half a ton), its cultural value as a delicate luxury item due to its fish eggs, but most of all its unbroken will to assert itself, also offers the possibility of a grotesque identification for the open imagination.
All this is in the context of the exhibition in the gallery and the spaces between the Fészek Artists' Club, which covers the entire building and is also the complex exam of the second-year students of the MKE Doctoral School, documenting their research and artistic work over the past two years.

The exhibition is open until 19.06.2022 during the opening hours of the Fészek Artists' Club (Tuesday-Saturday 11.00-19.00, Sunday-Monday 10.00-19.00)

1 February - 1 March, 2022

HAPPINESS.OPTIMISM.LOVE - Group On-Line Exhibition

Group On-Line Exhibition

Angela Thouless
Stéphanie Barbetta
Krisztina Arláth
Vera Blansh
Rigatoni Garrido
Laura Munoz Delgado
Brigit Kovax

"My artwork is an animation series about Venetian courtesans from the Renaissance and Baroque period. They were the lovers of many rich and famous men, and artists. I found interested, that the name of the gallery is the same, than the famous Venetian theatre. I had a little resource about their woman before. The people I have researched so far have played a particularly important cultural role in their own community based on their progressive thinking and multifaceted knowledge. The innovative effect of their activities, although indirectly, can still be discovered today. For example, Veronica Franco had the courage and talent to break out of the bondage of stylized emotions in the field of poetry. Tullia d'Aragona understood the knowledge of the cultivation of the body and wrote philosophical dissertations. Barbara Strozzi was an excellent Baroque composer, whose notes are still performed by today’s soloists. Portrait paintings were made of the above-mentioned women in their own age; the painters were Jacopo Tintoretto, Tiziano Vecellio, Alessandro Bonvicino, Bernardo Strozzi, Paolo Veronese. I used the digital version of the oil paintings, and I made painting animations. I am a Budapest based artist, from Hungary. I graduated the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, in Budapest 2014. I am sculptor, but I love to make animations also."

27-28 January - 18 February, 2022

THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space

Venice | January 27/28 - February 18, 2022
THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space | ITSLIQUID ART SPACE - Venice Grand Canal

ITSLIQUID Group, in collaboration with Venice Events and EGO’ Boutique Hotel, is glad to announce the opening of THE BODY LANGUAGE 2022, an international exhibition of photography, painting, video art, installation/sculpture, and performance art, that will be held in Venice at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space from January 27 to February 18, 2022, and at ITSLIQUID ART SPACE - Venice Grand Canal from January 28 to February 18, 2022.

THE BODY LANGUAGE analyzes the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the fascinating universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness. We invited artists to explore the connection between desires, needs, fears through rituals that bring humankind to change, to transform, and to evolve their inner world. The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality: it represents a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression.

The sculpture of Ferenc Monostori, for example, made through the classical technique of wax losing bronze casting, is a spiritual work, inspired by the resurrection. He wants to stop the moment when the spirit is flying above but the motion has contemporary meaning, like a dancer or a runner reaching the finish. Even the photo of Masaki Hirokawa, titled “Avatar”, contains something spiritual. The photographer expresses the concept that every being is an incarnation of God, a separate Spirit, and all life is equal. Before we were born into this world, all of our existences are determined by our soul’s life path, but now we have to live by the rules of this 3D world for the sake of our soul practice. Lea Dolinsky, as a sculptress, always thinks about the inner spirit of her creations, and defines boundaries with clay, before casting. The nudes she represents are part of this personal point of view: life, human beings and the relationship between them have always inspired her. The core element in the photos of Adrianne Gojak, from Germany, is the movement and the continuous change. Everything happens out of the moment, out of a driving feeling. In the same way, the artist digitally processes her images into the final work and tries different tools, and then new techniques arise almost by themselves. In doing that, she never follows a pattern and she always tries out new combinations. A similar path is walked also by the multifacetedness artist Riitta Nelimarkka, whose style is characterized by an open-minded use of color, virtuoso drawing skills and a strong sense of form.

Some of the artists selected for this exhibition worked on the relationship between our bodies and the landscape around us. The “Human environment” project by David PD Hyde is a perfect example of it. It is about the human connection with climate change, and the series itself is inspired by the beauty of the Earth, including different weather conditions and various landscapes (oceans, glaciers, volcanoes), as we can see from the body painting he did on his models. The message is clear: we should look after our planet if we want a future. Cedric Brion Studio Clavicule Pics is attracted to a strong and sometimes hostile environment, both natural and artificial. His fascination with creating landscapes and portraits was born in a black atmosphere because in the dark he said he can see the light. From the darkness of the soul there can be clarity that overwhelms him; too bright light often dazzles, the darkness instead magnifies it, and he likes to capture these kinds of contrasts. The reference environment for Ethan Chan is the social one. He presents a photo taken from his live performance “Fighting the Loneliness (of Social Displacement)”, during which the artist, in various barren and urban landscapes, dressed up in custom-made costumes to fit scenes that mimic fictional film setups. The main question, for him, is: “What looks more fake: the questionably staged scene, or a person of Asian descent in the costume of an American Hero?”

Other artists decided to focus on the concept of ‘language’. For Ana Junko, photographs have nothing to do with the reproduction of things but are instead metaphors of reality with a strong emotional component. They are the visual language through which the artist can communicate her own point of view, her truth. The language on which the South Korean artist A Young Lee focuses, cannot be read with the eyes or spoken by the mouth. It is, indeed, a language of intact emotion and feeling, in which color and texture are consonants and together they represent a new meaning. “I like the fact that my work is like a secret”, she states, “and no one really knows what I am truly thinking, so it gives me the freedom to put my real self into my works of art”, and this same freedom also applies to the viewers. The “Looking at the sky” painting from Silaro perfectly incarnates its author's artistic models and influences. His artworks are mainly inspired by nature and social phenomena, and in his recent pieces in particular he wants to highlight the inner memory of everyone. Even the canvases of Heinz Marzohl are characterized by personal and emotional experiences. Memories, thoughts, stories and dreams of this Swiss artist become shadowy figures, similar to the primeval cave painting compositions on rock walls, and with ambiguous shapes, archaic lines and touching colors they connect the man of contemporary times to his ancestor. Altaf Al Ali chose art as a language to show the world how she lives and feels. As well as the infinite ways of expression a language can have, also Altaf has different ‘voices’, incarnated in the different media, techniques, objects and colors she uses in her mixed media creations.

During THE BODY LANGUAGE 2022 event, we will project as always a rich video screening program in both our venues (see video-and-performance-program-thebodylanguage-2022.pdf). Among our video artists, there will be Shaman Tearoom (Aiwei Foo & Kent Lee), an artistic duo showing their work on the liminal relationships between body, architecture and nature, full of symbolism that occurs through the juxtaposition of disparate visuals, spaces and ambient sounds. There will be also Katia Pesti and Kelley Finley. Katia Pesti participates with the video of her sound performance realized with strings attached to a grand piano. The piano, while maintaining its function as a musical instrument, transcends it and becomes the container of a new language, and a place that generates harmony in the connection between the artist and the environment. Even Kelley Finley’s video works are extracts from her live performances. Both “Hang” and “Drag” highlight abuses and violence towards those who are most vulnerable through the images of a man hanging and dragging a woman by her own hair. Feelings of grief, confusion, isolation, anger, frustration and anguish permeate also the interaction between the two dancers in the film by Christina Sirmons. The lake in the background is a symbol of ecological trauma and devastation, but also of rebirth and new life, and in this way, it portrays the human experience, especially during the pandemic. At THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, in addition to this collective screening program, we will have also a dedicated screen corner (see video-and-performance-program-thebodylanguage- 2022.pdf).


THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
Calle Larga San Marco, 374 - 30124 Venice, Italy
January 28 - February 18, 2022
09:30AM - 05:30PM | Monday - Friday
OPENING January 27, 2022 | 05:00PM
Free entry

ITSLIQUID ART SPACE - Venice Grand Canal
Palazzo Bembo, first floor
Riva del Carbon, 4793 - 4785, 30124 Venice, Italy
January 31 - February 18, 2022
09:30AM - 05:30PM | Monday - Friday
OPENING January 28, 2022 | 05:00PM
Free entry



THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space
Monica Aguilar . Gia . Mexico | Krisztina Arláth . Hungary | Bruce Barber . Canada | Cedric Brion Studio Clavicule Pics . Belgium | Christian Burnham . Belgium | Magdalene Carmen . Australia | Ethan Chan . USA | Marina Comerio . Italy | Patricia Corredor . Colombia | Lynn Creighton . USA | Tessa de Swart . The Netherlands | Yishi Deng . USA | Cristian Diez Sanchez . Spain | Chandrima Dutta . India | Cristina Elias . Brazil | Stevén 'Gb-yega FAJANA . UK | Omar Farouk . Spain | Kelley Finley . USA | Peter Frigo . Austria | Barbara Gundlach . Germany/USA | Xiao He . China | Masaki Hirokawa . Japan | Chihyang Hsu . Taiwan | Makoto Inoue . Germany | David Jacobson . UK | Françoise Jetteur . Belgium | Lotte Kjoeller . Denmark | Dominika Köck . Austria | Inbal Kristin . Israel | A Young Lee . South Korea | Dorothea Magonet . UK | Crystal Marshall . USA | Julia Mcclurg . USA | Fotini Michailidi . Cyprus | Ferenc Monostori . Hungary | Roussa Neonaki . Greece | Maggie Mullin O'Hara . USA | Jody Oberfelder . USA | Oonagh Quinn . UK | Daniel Paul . Czech Republic | Katia Pesti . Italy | Penny Pollock . USA | Rajae Qarrou . France | Tyler Rai . USA | Sydney Roberts . USA | Pamela See . Australia | Alena Shaburdina . Russia | Shaman Tearoom (Aiwei Foo & Kent Lee) . Malaysia | Silaro . Hungary | Christina Sirmons . USA | Franco Smith . Italy | Natalie Sobo . Canada | Asli Sonceley . USA | Angela Thouless . Scotland | Huda Totonji . USA | Darko Trajanović . Serbia | Yiwen Tu . USA | Miya Turnbull . Canada | Virjules . France | Kristin Vollrath . Switzerland | Sabine Windischbauer . Austria | Root Yarden . Israel

ITSLIQUID ART SPACE - Venice Grand Canal
René Agostinho . Brazil | Monica Aguilar . Gia . Mexico | Altaf Al Ali . Kuwait | Tatiana An . The Netherlands | Krisztina Arláth . Hungary | Ana Paula Avila . Mexico | Cis Bakker . The Netherlands | Bruce Barber . Canada | Rea Boschi . Croatia | CAR ACT AIR . France | Magdalene Carmen . Australia | Kim Chase . Canada | Paolo Chelo . Itay | Jean Cherouny . USA | Elisabeth Daunelius . Sweden | Carlo Di Giacomo . Italy | Lea Dolinsky . Israel | Joel Douek . UK/USA | Cristina Elias . Brazil | Stevén 'Gb-yega FAJANA . UK | Nicola Farina . Italy | Adela Filipovic . Croatia | Kelley Finley . USA | Jiawei Fu . China/USA | Cheryle Galloway . USA | Andrea Gendusa . Italy | Adrianne Gojak . Germany | Barbara Gundlach . Germany/USA | Birgit Günther . Germany | Pachet Micheneau Gyslaine . France | Jacqueline H-Botquelen . France/Switzerland | Leo Hainzl . Austria | Andrea Hamilton . UK | Maco Hattori . Japan | Catia Hauberg Engel . Denmark | Chihyang Hsu . Taiwan | David PD Hyde . UK | Makoto Inoue . Germany | Lynn Jaanz . Australia | Ana Junko . Spain | Lotte Kjoeller . Denmark | Caroline Knickmeier . USA | KonKon . USA | Agnieszka Kot (A.KOOT) . Poland | Annette Lang . Denmark | Chantal Laurin . Canada | Siyu Liu . China | María Jose Godoy Majo . Guatemala | Angeliki Manta . Greece | Anastasia Markovskaya . Russia | Crystal Marshall . USA | Heinz Marzohl . Switzerland | Una Marzorati (unamarz) . Italy/UK | David McDermott . USA | Renate Merzinger-Pleban . Austria | MY PLACE (Romina Zangirolami) . Italy | Danijela Nedeljković . Serbia | Riitta Nelimarkka . Finland | Aude Gourichon O’d . France | Maggie Mullin O'Hara . USA | Oan Kyu . Korea | Jody Oberfelder . USA | Sarah Obracai . Germany | Jiaqi Pan . China | Katia Pesti . Italy | Tyler Rai . USA | Agnès Rancier Picard . France | Ric Conn ricconn . USA | Maria Claudia Rivadeneira . Colombia | Steffi Rodigas . Germany | Pamela See . Australia | Shaman Tearoom (Aiwei Foo & Kent Lee) . Malaysia | Christina Sirmons . USA | Asli Sonceley . USA | Rebecca Stenn . USA | Catherine Tait . Australia | Darko Trajanović . Serbia | Miya Turnbull . Canada | Kari Veastad . Norway | Verónica Velasco Barthel . Spain | Alessandro Villanucci . Italy | Juan Pablo Vivanco Viniegra . Mexico | Paige Wallwork . Australia | Yves Willaert . Belgium | Che-Yu Wu . Taiwan | Jiawei Wu . USA | Hsiung Yu . Taiwan | Antanas Zabielavicius . Lithuania | Ewa Monika Zebrowski . Canada | Jiaming Zhang . USA | Michele Zurzolo . Italy


Venezia Contemporanea in cooperation with ScalaMata & La Storta Exhibition Spaces in Venice Italy, offer a fully and partially covered artist’s residency program.

Artists are offered a private livable studio and an unique exhibition space with a large show window to the street. We provide paid exhibition facilitation service and boat transport by demand and professional curatorial support, logistic assistance, networking and publicity on our social media channels and website.

Submission for partially covered residency is open all year round.

For the 2020 residency program we received 96 submissions from artists from 27 countries: Australia, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, France, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonian, Montenegro, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, and the USA.

Our committee gave out three fully covered residencies and open number of partially covered residencies. The selection criteria of the committee were based on the artists’ artistic merits, their artistic potential, and the stage of their artistic career.

The selected Artists: Krisztina Arláth & Akos Molnar and Meta Drcar, for the fully covered residency. Roisín McGuigan & Peter Hanan, Kevin Jon Benham, Federico Campanale, Fiona Crawford, Kristina – Marie Darling, Tammy Wofsey, Greta Magyar, Eirini Roumpi, David Reibman, Katy Huckson for the partially covered residency. The final list of the artists receiving the partially covered residency will be published in due time.

Venezia Contemporanea in cooperation with ScalaMata & La Storta Exhibition Spaces in Venice Italy

09 December, 2019

Open Letter Regarding Censorship at the 1st Feminnale of Contemporary Art (Kyrgyzstan).

Participants of the Feminnale from 22 countries have drawn up an open letter to President of Kyrgyzstan expressing their outrage regarding assaults by right-wing radical groups against the modern art exhibition at the Gapar Aitiev museum. “It is symbolic that this act of governmental violence towards female artists took place during the International Week on the Elimination of Violence against Women” – says the message.

Dear President Jeenbekov,

On behalf of all the artists participating in the first Feminnale of Contemporary Art, which is taking place at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after G. Aitieva, I want to express my protest and share with you my indignation over what is now happening around the exhibition.

The Minister of Culture, Azamat Zhamankulov, performed an act of censorship at the exhibition, being influenced by extremist right-wing radical groups that have nothing to do with culture and art. Minister arbitrarily banned several works from the show, and the organizers, under his pressure, were forced to take them down.

Symbolically, this act of state violence against artists was carried out during the International Week for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It is deplorable that this happens only a few days after the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic at the Tech Summit on November 19 expressed, in your presence, the commitment of the Kyrgyz Republic to the principles of gender equality. The Forum’s declaration states that “special attention shall be paid to gender equality, the empowerment of women in all spheres and the fight against discrimination and violence based on gender differences,” but the actions of the Minister of Culture contradict this declaration.

Also, these actions of the minister directly violate the commitments made by the Kyrgyz Republic under the UN Sustainable Development program, since the censored exhibition and artworks removed on the notice of the minister directly concern human rights and gender equality.

Organizers of the exhibition continue to receive public threats from radical groups, and the police are not taking any action to protect their citizens from these extremist attacks.

According to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the actions of religious groups aimed at inciting social discord are prohibited (Article 4, paragraph 5), the state and its bodies serve the whole society, and not a part of it (Article 5, paragraph 1), no association, no individual has the right to appropriate power in the state (Article 5, paragraph 2), no one may be discriminated against based on sex, political affiliation or beliefs (Article 16, paragraph 2), the established right to freedom of thought and opinion is not subject to any restriction ( article 20, paragraph 5), everyone has the right to freedom and personal safety (Article 24, paragraph 1), everyone has the right to privacy, protection of honor and dignity (Article 29, paragraph 1), and the Constitution explicitly prohibits the promotion of national, ethnic, racial, religious hatred, gender, and other social superiority, calling for discrimination, hostility or violence (Article 31, paragraph 4).
The Minister of Culture and right-wing radical groups attacking the organizers of the exhibition directly violate all these points of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic. Officials at this level who violate the country’s Constitution are a disgrace to the country. And the whole world already knows about it.

According to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, Everyone is guaranteed the freedom of all kinds of creativity (Article 49, paragraph 1), and the state only supports traditions that do not infringe on human rights and freedoms (Article 37, paragraph 1). The minister, following the example of right-wing radical groups wishing to dictate their own rules, and under the guise of national traditions broadcasting the rhetoric of hatred and violence, first commits a crime against citizens of his country, setting a precedent for flagrant lawlessness and arbitrariness, which impairs the country’s image in the international arena.

In addition, by carrying out such an act of censorship, the Minister of Culture has demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the fundamental principles of culture: culture does not require state management, culture requires support, culture does not tolerate censorship.

Misunderstanding and violation of these principles indicate the complete professional inaptitude of Azamat Zhamankulov as Minister of Culture.

We, the undersigned participants of the Feminnale, artists from 22 countries of the world who have very rich experience working with many cultural institutions, which allows us to judge such things, consider the Minister of Culture Azamat Zhamankulov unsuitable for the performance of his professional duties and an extremely harmful manager for culture since he impedes the development of culture in the Republic, guided by the interests of extremist groups that have no relation to culture and directly violate the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

We, the undersigned members of the Feminnale, female artists from 22 countries, demand that Azamat Zhamankulov be removed from office given his professional inaptitude for this position; we demand the reinstatement of the director of the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after G. Aitieva to the Mira Dzhangaracheva, who was forced to resign under the unlawful pressure and threats from right-wing radical groups; we also demand that the ban on censorship be enshrined in law and thus stop all further attempts to censor the country.

The Undersigned Members of the Feminnale

Zoya Falkova, artist (Kazakhstan)
Bermet Borubayeva, artist (Kyrgyzstan)
Nina Zhdanovich, artist (Lituania/Japan)
Lia Dostleva, artist, anthropologist of culture (Ukraine)
Elena Nebesnaya, artist (Ukraine)
Nikulenkova Natalia, artist (Russia)
Sandra Araújo, artist (Portugal)
Anya Kislaya, artist (Ukraine)
Małgorzata Greszta, artist, (Poland)
Nadia Valetskaya, artist from Nadenka Creative Association (Russia)
Maria Alexandrova, artist from Nadenka Creative Association (Russia)
Alyona Isakhanyan, artist from Nadenka Creative Association (Russia)
Maria Rybka, artist from Nadenka Creative Association (Russia)
Anastasia Makarenko, artist from Nadenka Creative Association (Russia)
Maria Kapajeva, artist (UK)
Efrat Cybulkiewicz, illustrator, painter, photographer (Colombia/ Venezuela/ Israel/ Italy)
Lola Nevado, artist, painter (Spain)
Marija Ančić, artist (Croatia)
Alyona Kojevnikova, artist, journalist (Russia)
Claudia Holzinger, artist (Germany)
Weronika Jurkiewicz, filmmaker (Poland)
Alexandra Filatova, artist (Kyrgyzstan)
Lucia Lopez Garcia-Montejo, filmmaker (Uruguay)
Mark Blickley, artist (USA)
Frie J. Jacobs, artist (Belgium)
Julie Savery, Performance artist (Denmark)
Amy Bassin, artist (USA)
Helena Stiasny, artist (Poland)
Madina Sargali, artist (Kazakhstan)
Camille Pueyo, artist (France)
Aisulu Shaikenova, artist (Kazakhstan)
Katya Nko, artist (Ukraine)
Nargiza Ryskulova, artist (Kyrgyzstan)
Aigerim Ospanova, artist (Kazakhstan)
Engelhardt Anna, artist (Russia)
Krisztina Arláth, artist (Hungary)
Aruzhan Zhumabek, artist (Kazakhstan)
Mascha Danzis, Interdisciplinary artist, professor of St. Petersburg State University on the subject “Feminism and post-feminism in contemporary art” (Germany/Russia)
Yelena Kurlova, ceramic artist (Russia)
Oksana Kapishnikova, independent curator, art critic (Kyrgyzstan)

27 November – 15 December, 2019

1ST FEMINNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART is a curated group exhibition to be held at the Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, from 27 November to 15 December 2019. The exhibition is dedicated to 17 female migrants killed in Moscow warehouse fire three years ago. The Feminnale is to be curated by Altyn Kapalova and Janna Araeva.

Poster of Feminnale 2019

June, 2019

Salzburg, artist-in-residence program, June 2019
Scholarship of Budapest Galéria

Krisztina Arláth biography
Salzburg building